Domi Instructions

  • Step 1: Getting access to domi
  • Step 2: Setting up your preferences
  • Step 3: Interacting with listings in slack

  • Step 1: Getting access to domi

    domi is currently in a restricted beta. In order to get access, you must receive a slack invite URL. Once you have received that, follow the instructions to create your slack account for the domi workspace. If you have any trouble, you can follow along here for detailed instructions on setting up slack.

    Step 2: Setting up your preferences

    Enter into a direct message with domi by clicking on domi under the Apps section.


    Or if you don't see it there, you can click direct messages and search for domi.


    As soon as you enter the direct message (DM) with domi, you should get a message that looks like this:


    As described in that message, domi is meant to be interacted with in that DM. All future messages you receive will always take place in there. To interact with domi, you use a slack feature known as slash commands. To update your settings, type in /domi preferences and hit enter.


    You'll get a response containing a URL like this:


    After clicking that, you'll land on a page like this. This is your settings page, you can get back here anytime by re-entering /domi preferences to send you your settings url. Settings are managed outside of slack so domi can provide more advanced features (like location based filtering, discussed below).


    Basic Preferences

    Fill out the preferences based on what makes sense for you. My recommendation is you only set a maximum price, and then set minimums for the number of bedrooms/bathrooms. Make sure you check the "Send me notifications" box at the bottom. If you don't do this, you will not receive any notifications. If at any point in the future you want to stop receiving notifications, you can come back to this settings page and turn them off by un-checking this box. Make sure you hit the "Save Listing Filters" button once you are done.


    Location Preferences

    If you scroll down, you'll see a section called Location Preferences. In this *optional* section, you can draw areas on the map where you want to live. After doing so, domi will only send you listings that fall within these areas. It is important to note that the geolocation (i.e. latitude/longitude coordinates) provided by Craigslist and Kijiji are not exact, and can be off by a couple of blocks. As a result, you should add an appropiate buffer to the boundaries you draw.


    Here's an overview of how you can draw areas on the map.

    Later on, if you want to modify your areas, you can easily do so through the edit button.

    Or alternatively, delete some.

    Step 3: Interacting with listings in slack

    Once you have enabled notifications, you will start automatically getting new listings sent to you at regular intervals. Listing messages are designed to contain the core information you need, with additional controls that let you pull more information as required.


    Let's walk through each section quickly:

    1. Listing Title
    2. The listing title is simply the title used in the original listing, with some additional information padded in, like the price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square feet (if provided).
    3. Posting Link
    4. All listings contain a hyperlink to the original posting, which will also indicate where the listing came from (i.e. Kijiji or Craigslist).
    5. Address/Location
    6. The address included on the listing will show up here, if it was provided. Sometimes owners will just post a postal code (as shown above), or a major interesction. All listings include latitude & longitude coordinates, which an be visualized in google maps by clicking the hyperlink on the address text. Note, latitude/longitude coordinates can be off by a few blocks, so don't take them as an exact location representation.
    7. Show All Images
    8. Hit this button to have all listing images posted in a slack thread tied to the message.
    9. Show Full Description
    10. Hit this button to have the full listing description posted in a slack thread tied to the message.
    11. Listing Metadata
    12. Some additional information about the listing, like the type of apartment.
    13. Voting Buttons
    14. Give domi some feedback on whether or not liked this listing. These votes will be used to help tailor personalized listing recommendations. Downvoting a post will also remove it. You can alternatively remove a post using slack's built in delete message functionality, however, this does not automatically clean up the associated threaded messages (unlike domi's downvote button).

    See the short clips below for an overview of this functionality

    Listing posts are sent to all users at regular intervals throughout the day. Only 5 listings are sent at a time so your feed isn't overloaded with 100s of listings. At any point, you can manually fetch additional listings by entering /domi pull. By default, 5 listings will be returned if you don't specify anything. Adding a number after /domi pull X will fetch that number of listings (if available). For example, /domi pull 3 would post 3 new listings.

    Understanding an apartment's pricing with Price Rank™

    As a newcomer to Toronto, you may be overwhelmed by Toronto's prices and not have a good sense of whether an apartment is overpriced. To help with this, domi comes with a feature called Price Rank. Price Rank looks at a number of different features for a given listing (i.e. location, bedroom, bathrooms, size, etc.), and compares its price to similar listings. Based on this information, you can make an informed decision about whether an apartment is priced high, low, or in line with expectations.

    To access the Price Rank information for a given listing, select "Show Price Rank Info" from the slack menu dropdown.


    A message like the one below will be posted in a thread associated with the listing.